Revolutionize your business with  AI capabilities. Engage with Lyn, our AI receptionist, for personalized insights and consultations tailored to your specific needs. Discover the efficiency-boosting power of AI and take your business to new heights with cutting-edge resources. Join us today to fuel growth and innovation like never before.

Elevate your business with your own AI receptionist  like Lyn for instant information, appointments, pricing, and FAQs. Experience efficiency and growth at Newport Ecommerce.

Use the power of AI to precisely target the types of Clients you want to help your business grow.

Explore the wide range of tools available at Newport Ecommerce to enhance your customer interactions and drive efficiency in your business. Start your journey towards innovation and growth by signing up on our platform today.

AI Generative Chatbots

Chat bots are a great way to engage traffic on your site for those who do not want to call or are not on their phone. Chatbots are trained in knowing the in’s and out of your business and logging contact information instantly to your leads lists. Chatbots are better than Forms.

AI natural voice sales

87% of internet traffic is mobile these days! Get a 24/7 sales rep to handle inbound leads and a 24/7 followup rep or outbound sales rep to keep engagement active until your live call.

AI powered Ads

AI-powered ads are the future and they are here, to target the problems your clients are facing with a real solution you can solve.  Target exactly the types of clients you want with your PPC ads and watch your ROAS soar!

Instant customer responses

80% of lost leads are because of poor follow-up. With our service, you will instantly send an SMS and a welcome email to every single visitor who engages your site. The AI chatbots and voice sales agents can automatically send follow-up texts and emails while your leads are still engaging with them, so the potential client feels their needs are important to your business.

Drive Traffic, Capture Leads, Follow-up and book appointments all with AI -powered Automations.

the Way You

Design & Build Faster Without The Grunt Work

Build engaging free informational content with custom images and generated content using AI-powered tools and automation, giving your sales and marketing team the competitive advantage needed to grow your business. Alternatively, if you do not have a marketing or sales team yet you can fill those roles with AI-powered automation and save tens of thousands in labor costs, missed work, liability claims, and retirement funds.

Save Time & Money With Tools That Feel Like Actual Magic

Stop losing leads you paid for because of late or no follow-up from your sales team, and stop wasting money and time in the office doing tasks that technology can now fulfill for you. Our business is helping YOUR business grow!!

What kind of Clients can we get for you?



Are your services Tax deductible?

Core Services to advertise and market your business, and essential services to run your business such as software are tax deductible. Our software services and advertising campaigns qualify for these deductions.

What is the setup fee?

The Setup fee is a one-time fee you never pay again weather you add or downgrade services you never pay the setup fee twice. It includes writing custom email campaigns, website re-design or design, chatbot integration, marketing analysis, Local SEO integration, Reputation management, Web hosting fees, any DNS requirements, and Legal disclaimers for your website, and chatbots.

Can I cancel at any time and is there a refund?

You can cancel at any time, the only time we give a refund is for some critical failure we are unable to provide service to you for an extended period of time.

Are there any hidden fees?

We offer customized plans and several softwayre upsells like Social media management and Reputation management but we are transparent with the offers and everything is in writing. So NO there are not any hidden fees we believe in transparent pricing for quality professional work.

Are there custom pricing plans?

Absolutely yes, if you want justa chatbot, or just an AI receptionist, or you had a custom ad spend in mind, yes. we create a custom plan for you in a written offer and we do not bind it to a contract, it’s month to month.